In this series, created throughout the last decade, Nössing explores his identity, and relationship with his father’s fruit farm, the place where he had grown up but eventually rejected and replaced by the creative buzz of city life.

After taking over the business of the small farm shop and leaving behind his work at an agency in Barcelona, he found himself back and his identity in crisis. Art was the tool of choice to find meaning out of the frustration and boredom of rural life. At the end of the day, there is a surprising paralell as the act of creating images is not that far from a tree creating fruit.

Art Book currently in development 


Legend tells that Marcus started to draw in the south of Portugal, in summer of 2018 while having sardines for lunch with his wife Maria. The restaurant used textured paper sheets as towels and that was naturally the perfect place for his first lines to appear, between small stains of olive oil and vinho verde.

Shortly after, Dusty was born. A grumpy, slighly neurotical dog whose single purpose was to reflect and comment on human (and canine?) existence,  the importance of sound and his appearences filled with criptic-poetic advice for all of us.

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Marcus Noessing is a singer, guitar player and music producer.
He creates music for commercial projects and as a solo artist.

Examples of Music & Sound effects for Film.
Done in collaboration with Studio Maria Walnut

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Marcus Nössing is a multidisciplinary German artist, photographer and musician working in the intersections of art, film and spirituality.

Nössing studied comunication design in Cologne and began his career in Radio and TV. He continued to work as a commercial freelance photographer and graphic designer and has lived in Barcelona, Amsterdam and Lisbon.
He currently lives and works between Berlin and his birthtown Krefeld where he runs a store at his father’s fruit farm. After the birth of his son, he and his wife founded the independent publisher & creative playground Studio Nozes.